The mounting of a sector control on a gun carriage. 

Step by Step - Instructions

all you need to do is:

  1. Dismount the gun.
  2. Remove the existing stops of the gun.
  3. Place the gasket between the flanges.
  4. Align the sector control so that the black motor box faces towards the reel.
  5. Fasten the supplied screws.
  6. Mount the gun with the supplied gasket directly above the sector control.
  7. Now mount the provided stops which are fitting for your gun.

    Screw the short stop always to the upper position from TOP, the long stop always to the lower position from BOTTOM.

    The tip of the triangular markings on the stops must ALWAYS point towards the gun lever.

    Standard Setup

    Reverse Setup

  8. Switch on the sector control on the black motor box. Make sure that the button is pressed in.

Further Information