Congratulations on your decision to work with Raindancer.

Thank you for your trust and welcome to the Raindancer cosmos.

Before you can get started and view all your irrigations in one app, there are a few small things you need to set up first.

Login credentials

This guide assumes that you have already received login credentials from your dealer or the raindancer team.

This manual gives you a guide on what to do to get started with the system in a practical way. This is really just about the bare minimum of configuration. 

For a deeper insight, please follow the detailed technical documentation (coming soon) or the related pages at the bottom of this page.

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Table of Contents

Users and Access

Your raindancer is always delivered with an "administrator" user and a service user.

Login credentials

You will receive the login credentials in a separate email from the raindancer team.

This also means that you already have a user in the system with which you can start working. But it is recommended to create individual users for each of your employees and to store personal data (name, first name, telephone number) for the administrator.

The following user data are required:

  • First Name\Last Name
  • Telephone Number or E-Mail  OPTIONAL
    If you do not want your user to receive any notifications, you do not have to fill in this field.
  • Turn on Notifications
    For new users, all notifications are switched off by default.
    For more information on notifications, see Notifications

If you want to create more users or are looking for further information on the subject of users, you can follow the instructions "Adding Users And Managing Permissions".


By default, a new user only has the permission to use the app.

If you want a different permission for your new user, you can change this in the Group Memberships tab and assign more permissions.


If not already done by the Raindancer team, you now need to create the irrigation machine(s) in the portal.

Usually you should see a list of all serial numbers of the Raindancer GPS modules that have been assigned to you under Irrigators.

The irrigators that have already been created should of course be renamed so that they correspond to the machine on which you have mounted the Raindancer GPS module.

A combination of a continuous number, the brand and the length has been proven to be effective.

Mounting and installation

First, please make sure that your Raindancer is mounted correctly.

If you are not sure, we have a separate guide on this subject here: Installing the GPS module correctly

If a raindancer module does not appear in the list, you can also create a new irrigator. 

Click on Irrigators New Irrigator to add a new irrigation machine to your system.

Enter an irrigator name and select the type of irrigator in the selection box.

You can then select the GPS device. This is the serial number of your Raindancer.

To make sure that the system operates properly, it is advisable to set the following parameters.  

  • Working Width
  • Min. Pressure
  • Max. Pressure
  • ø Nozzle

CAUTION Flow rate only for booms and linear, pivot irrigation machines

SELF-PROPELLED Please note the setting of the setup method under Setup and Controls (central) → Setup method


These parameters are essential for the most functions that your Raindancer system provides for you.


If you want to control your irrigation machine via the Raindancer system, you must enter 2 additional fields.

These fields must be filled in on the Setup and Controls tab.

  • Control type
  • Phone No.

These fields are necessary to establish communication between your irrigation machine and the raindancer system.

Settings on the Machine

Usually a telephone number must be entered in your irrigation computer to which responses will be sent.



Sector Control OPTIONAL

If you have decided to operate your irrigation system with the sector control, we can congratulate you on your excellent decision and ask you to continue reading under The Sector Control


It is necessary to add your fields to the system for almost all functions offered by the raindancer system.

Import Field Data

You generally have the option of importing your field data from external sources. This way you do not have to start from scratch. 

You need shp or kml files for the import


Wells are primarily used for reporting at the end of the season. 

It is advisable to enter the wells before the start of irrigation season.

To enter your wells into the system, follow these instructions: Create a well


You can manage the fields you want to use with the Raindancer under Fields.

In this overview you can see all your registered fields, and you also have the option of adding new fields yourself.


To do this, you typically need an export from your agricultural application. All the necessary data is normally stored there.

For a more detailed explanation, follow these instructions Import Fields

Draw in Fields

If you do not have the possibility to integrate your field data into the raindancer system with the help of the import function, you also have the possibility to enter the field data manually. 

As with the manual entry, follow these instructions: Fields


For the handling of irrigation runs, it is best to continue reading at this point COMING SOON

Self-driving Irrigators with sector control

Due to the possibility of driving around curves, it is recommended to create runs in advance for self-driving irrigation machines. Otherwise, the sector control would react with delay on curves.


If you have problems with these steps or the settings do not fit your application, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer.

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